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Founder's Birthday Celebration!

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on 16th Aug 2018

Verefina founder Jennifer Lugo has a birthday this month, and if you know Jen, then you know that she LOVES birthdays! So she wants to celebrate hers with YOU! From August 17 to 31, 2018, you'll get free U.S. shipping on orders of just $39 or more.* If your order reaches at least $79, you'll also get a free birthday gift from Jen!**This special gift is valued at $22 and includes some of Jen's favorite products — Classic Cherry Lip Balm,&nbsp...
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Why You'll LOVE Our New Look!

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on 13th Jul 2018

We are THRILLED to introduce a new look for our fabulous line of skin care products! From our facial care line to our lotions and some of our deodorants, many of our products are getting a bold new look. So what does this mean for you? Not only do our new labels look super sleek and clean, making them more pleasing to your eye, they're also more customer-friendly. The front of the bottle gives you the highlights about a p...
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Your Seven Chakras- Plus Signs They Might Be Blocked

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on 3rd Jul 2018

I have known about the seven main chakras for a long time, but recently I have developed a raised awareness of chakras, which has allowed me to make some positive changes and to more clearly set some intensions for my life. This process of learning to keep the energy flowing freely through the chakras has helped me to discover a whole new way of "being in the world," and I am so excited to share some basics about chakras with you! So let's dive r...
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Lift Your Mood and Help Balance Some of Your Chakras with Citrus Burst

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on 18th Jun 2018

Our new line of essential oil blends includes the Citrus Burst full strength blend and Pre-Diluted Roll On. This bright, slightly spicy blend combines lemon, orange, grapefruit, styrax benzoin, lemongrass, and lime essential oils to help lift the mood and balance several of the energy centers- or chakras- within the body. So just what are chakras, and why would you want to balance them? Located in various parts of the bod...
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Empowerment, Inner Strength, and Confidence: The Power of Spiced Orange

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on 15th Jun 2018

We're pleased to bring you a new line of essential oil blends formulated to support positive mental and emotional health! Right now, we're featuring a different blend on the Blog each day, so today we'll take a look at Spiced Orange. This proprietary blend is formulated for the emotional and spiritual support of healthy boundaries, empowerment, independence, inner strength, confidence, and feelings of safety and security.*The oils in our Spi...
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