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Lemon Essential Oil - 15 ml


Citrus limon Lemon has a wide range of uses, including energizing the senses and raising your mood.* This oil may be beneficial in cleansing skin and relieving sore throats.* It is also excellent for removing gum and grease spots. Directions: Consult...

Lime Essential Oil - 15 ml


Citrus aurantifolia Lime has a refreshing, lively fragrance reminiscent of summertime citrus. It can energize and help one overcome exhaustion.* Directions: Consult a medical practitioner or aromatherapist for suggested usage. Test for skin...

Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15 ml

Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15 ml


Melaleuca alternifolia Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is one of the most widely used essential oils. Historically, the leaves of the melaleuca tree were used to assist in healing cuts and skin infections. Tea tree’s strong immune building properties make it...