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The Benefits of Verefina's Natural Body Care Products

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on

In my last post, I looked at five ingredients that Verefina does not use. Today I want to focus on some of the many benefits of using Verefina products. The products in the Verefina line are made mainly with plant-based ingredients. Plants produce their own oils, essential oils, and antioxidants to nourish themselves and to provide protection from various microbes. Fortunately for us, we can benefit from these plant compounds too.

Plant Oils

Verefina uses a variety of oils, including sunflower seed, coconut, apricot kernel, olive, and grapeseed oils. When applied topically, these oils moisturize the skin without clogging pores. They also contain nutrients that can “feed” the skin. For example, sunflower oil (which is in the Aloe and Calendula Cream, Kid’s Lotion, and Baby Lotion) is a good source of vitamin E, an important antioxidant (more on antioxidants later). Olive oil (used in Olive Oil Lotion, Sugar Scrubs, and Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream) provides vitamins A and E. These two nutrients can help repair damage to the skin caused by environmental pollutants and exposure to the sun (source).

Some plant oils also have a mild SPF, so they can provide moderate, short-term protection from the sun. One study found that the in vitro SPF of olive oil is about 7.5. Researchers found that coconut oil (Coconut Oil Lotion) has an in vitro SPF of about 7 (source).

Essential Oils

Many plants produce compounds that give off the distinct "essence" of the plant. These essential oils are a wonderful alternative to the artificial fragrances that are found in many personal care products, such as lotions, soap, and deodorant. Essential oils give products clean, fresh scents that often have aromatherapeutic benefits as well. For example, lavender essential oil has a soothing and calming effect; there is scientific evidence that it can slow nervous system activity and promote relaxation (source). Another essential oil, grapefruit, is uplifting and can help treat mental fatigue (source).

Like plant oils, some essential oils also have a mild SPF. The study mentioned above found that peppermint essential oil tested in a lab has an SPF of about 7, and lavender essential oil has an SPF around 5.5. It is important to note, though, that citrus essential oils can actually make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Direct sunlight should be avoided for at least 12 hours after using citrus oils on the skin.

Many essential oils, including lemon, rosemary, clove, lavender, and tea tree have antimicrobial properties. Verefina uses lavender and tea tree oils in their First Aid Ointment and First Aid Stick. The lavender and tea tree oils in the First Aid Ointment and Stick can help inhibit microbial growth in cuts, scrapes, and minor burns and therefore help prevent infections.

The antimicrobial properties of essential oils also make them ideal for use in all-purpose natural cleaners. Essential oils can be added to water, a mix of water and vinegar, or to Castile soaps to make safe and effective all-natural cleaners that can be used to disinfect most surfaces. The essential oils in Verefina’s Foaming Hand Soap can also help get rid of bacteria and viruses on the hands.


Finally, many plants also produce antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize unstable molecules (free radicals) that can damage cells and tissues (source). They are particularly helpful in protecting the skin from damage caused by exposure to pollutants and UV radiation. Antioxidants are found in olive, grape seed, and sea buckthorn oils as well as in some essential oils, like rosemary and grapefruit. Since different Verefina products contain these oils and essential oils, the antioxidants that are in them help protect the skin.

When you use Verefina products, you not only avoid the synthetic chemicals found in many body care products, you also get a range of benefits that natural ingredients can provide. Another great thing about Verefina’s products is that a little bit goes a long way, making them very economical. With so many health benefits, you’ll love using the Verefina line everyday.

Have you benefited from any of these natural ingredients (or any others)? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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Photo courtesy of Verefina

About the Author

Katie Zapotoczny is a Verefina Affiliate and the creator of An Ever Green Life, a blog that seeks to empower readers to make changes that will improve their health and help protect our environment.

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