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14 Amazing Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Posted by Katie Zapotoczny on

Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) is derived from the peel of lemons and has a fresh and uplifting scent. From skin care applications to cleaning the home, providing natural immune support, and easing respiratory symptoms, lemon oil has a wide range of uses. 

Skin Care

1. Brighten complexion- Lemon essential oil helps remove dead skin cells for brighter skin; that's why we use it in our Lemon Coconut Creamy Facial CleanserLemon Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub, and Lemon Shea Butter Bar Soap

2. Balance oil production- Lemon oil can help regulate the natural oil production that occurs in your skin. If your skin is on the oily side, try this simple DIY toner: Add 24 drops of lemon essential oil to four ounces of witch hazel. Put in a spray bottle, and spray on your face after cleansing, avoiding the eyes. Or, apply with a cotton ball. Shake gently before each use. (See note below about phototoxic essential oils.) 

3. Reduce acne- Acne-prone skin can benefit from lemon essential oil. Use the DIY toner above to help clear up acne and blemishes.

4. Treat cold sores- Mix a drop of lemon oil with half an ounce of a carrier oil, such as apricot, olive, or fractionated coconut oil, and dab on the affected area. 

Mental and Emotional Support

5. Elevate mood- Add a few drops to a diffuser to help your improve mood (for more on diffusers, see How to Get the Most Out of Your Essential Oils).

6. Ease anxiety- The refreshing scent of lemon essential oil can help calm anxiety. 

Respiratory Symptom Relief and Immune Support

7. Soothe a sore throat- Diluted lemon oil can be rubbed on the throat to ease soreness. Or, add 1 drop of lemon essential oil to at least one ounce of water, and gargle with this mixture. 

8. Break up respiratory congestion- Add a few drops to a diffuser, and breathe in deeply several times to help break up congestion.

9. Natural immune support- Lemon essential oil contains vitamin C, antioxidants, and compounds that help lower inflammation. Mix 12 drops of lemon essential oil with one ounce of a carrier oil, and rub in to the bottoms of feet for a natural immune boost. Because this oil provides such powerful immune support, we use it in our Immunity Line.    

Household Uses

10. Natural cleaner- Lemon essential oil is a natural disinfectant and can be used to clean surfaces without the harmful effects of toxic synthetic chemicals. To make your own surface cleaner, add 20 to 30 drops to an 8-oz. spray bottle full of water, and use it to clean counters, tables, and showers. For extra cleaning power, add lemon essential oil to a half-and-half solution of water and white vinegar. (Note: Do not use vinegar on granite counter tops.) You can also make your own household cleaners using our DIY Cleaning Kit

11. Cut grease- Use it to cut grease or remove grease spots. To get rid of grease and oil spots in carpets, put 1 drop of lemon essential oil and 1 drop of eucalyptus essential oil on the spot. Let sit for a few minutes, then gently dab with a clean cloth. Test the oils on an unnoticeable spot first to make sure they do not cause any discoloration. Lemon oil is also good for removing gum.

12. Cutting board cleaner- Sprinkle some salt on your cutting board, and add a drop of lemon essential oil. Scrub with a sponge or washcloth. Rinse well, and air dry wooden cutting boards standing up. Once a month, rub olive oil into wooden cutting boards to keep them from getting dried out. 

13. Laundry- Add a 1/2 teaspoon to a full teaspoon to the wash for an extra fresh scent. Do not use in hot water washes, as high heat can damage essential oils.

14. Air freshener- Add 20 to 30 drops of lemon essential oil to 8 ounces of water, and spray wherever the air needs freshening.

How do you like to use lemon essential oil? Comment below!

Caution: Lemon essential oil may lead to phototoxicity- increased sensitivity to the sun. You can learn more about how to prevent phototoxic reactions here. Essential oils, including lemon, should be diluted before putting them on the skin. Always test essential oils on a small patch of skin, then wait at least 24 hours to be sure you do not have a reaction before using it on larger areas. For more detailed guidelines on how to dilute essential oils, see An Introduction to Lavender Essential Oil.


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Hi, I'm Katie! I love writing for the Blog and working as a Verefina Communications Specialist! I'm also the creator of An Ever Green Life, a blog that seeks to empower my readers to make changes that will improve their health and help protect our environment.

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