Who We Are

At Verefina, our goal is to be the leader in natural skin care and wellness products. Our products offer the perfect balance between nature’s ingredients and safety in use. There are many companies who claim to offer pure and natural products that simply aren’t pure or natural. Other small businesses offer products that are natural, yet may be unsafe if not adequately formulated to keep harmful pathogens at bay.

Verefina products are crafted to strike the perfect balance. We formulate and test our formulations with our partner labs to be sure they are both natural and safe, a product combination you will struggle to find elsewhere. When preservation is necessary, we have carefully chosen a gentle preservative system whose molecular size will not penetrate the skin’s barrier and enter the bloodstream. We put our products through certified challenge and stability testing to ensure a healthy and safe product for you. We will continue to forge new territory in natural products.

Our Founder

Jennifer Lugo founded Verefina when she became aware of the toxic additives in many of the popular commercial products she was planning to use on her new baby. Her concern led her to discover and create her own skin care and wellness products that are made from the goodness of nature and offer amazing results. Her formulations soon caught the attention of family and friends and their family and friends and quickly became essentials in many homes. Jen now leads a formulating team that continues to carefully craft new Verefina products that you can trust. Open this catalog to see what we have been creating for you lately.

Our Owners and Business Team

Jen was joined in 2011 by a strong group of business partners with over 35 years of combined experience in direct sales, marketing, finance and technology. This Verefina business team understands that the key to growing a successful direct sales company is to create a rewarding opportunity and support community for independent consultants to thrive and succeed. Becoming a Verefina Consultant means you are part of a new company with an ownership team that has the knowledge and experience to grow with you. We invite you to join us as a Verefina Independent Consultant.